Organizing, analyzing and reporting measurement data can take a lot of time; time you don’t have. The QDM System collects data from suppliers, plants, measurement devices (CMM’s, laser trackers, hand scanners) and Excel and standardizes it into a single database.

From here, you can view your data using forms, reports and dashboards, while setting up real-time monitoring and alerts. With the ability to view your quality instantly, you can find production issues before the line has to shut down, view your quality and metrics from anywhere on your phone or latop, and communicate quality information across your company.

  • Monitor production quality in real-time
  • Standardize and automate quality reporting from: CMM’s, measurement arms, scanners, suppliers and plants.
  • Automate quality processes and reporting for Ppap’s and First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR)
  • Customize dashboards and automatic reports to keep you up to date on production quality for parts, products or plants
  • Connect your organization to foment collaboration


A QDM Gateway acts as the central hub of a QDM System. Installed either locally on a server or through the cloud, the QDM Gateway is the database repository of all of your information, standardized into a single format for easy access and use. As part of a basic QDM System, as shown above, the QDM Gateway connects all of your QDM Modules together, and allows you to automate processes to save time and get you the information you need, when you need it. 

QDM ANALYST is an easy-to-use analysis tool for processing your data and creating graphical and SPC reports. As a QDM Stand Alone Module, QDM ANALYST can be used on its own or as part of a larger QDM SPC System. 


  • Create FAIR, Ppap and Quality Reports in Seconds
  • Use Data From Any Measurement Device or Source 
  • Generate Quality Metrics, Compare Data and Visually See Your Quality on CAD Parts

Used to automate the collection of inspection data, DATAGRABBER automatically pulls in data from measurement devices, Excel sheets or designated files on your network. This keeps your QDM System updated with the latest quality information. It is also a data mapper to ease the process of creating data translators from any format to QDM standard format.

Allows to login to the QDM web site via a Username/Password and then navigate through dashboards and visualize automatically generated reports.

Allows to login to the QDM web site via a Username/Password and then generate reports in real-time, export those reports or data in other formats, filter data to be included in the reports according to several criteria, receive emails or SMS alerts according to pre-defined criteria regarding quality data, etc…

QDM PDA is an advanced analysis tool for diving deep into your data. As a QDM Stand Alone Module, QDM PDA can be used as part of a QDM System, pulling custom data sets from the QDM Gateway Server or on its own by loading in data files.


  • Analyze Plant Data in Real Time
  • Root Cause and Solve Build Issues Fast
  • Determine the Impact of Changes on Manufacturing

Satellite Stations updates in real time with measured data from the shop floor or inspection data. This informs your team of minute to minute changes in quality and allows them to react instantly to possible quality issues.

Taking hand measurements? Using gages and calipers? Inputting into an Excel sheet or on a clipboard? QDM Data Entry Portal gives you an easy way to input that measurement data right into the QDM System to instantly update your quality dashboards, monitors and reports. 


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