photopia is a fast and accurate optical design program that produces comprehensive performance evaluations for non-imaging optical systems. photopia allows you to produce virtual designs in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes.

photopia is designed so that you don’t need an optics PhD in order to understand the software. We have a library of pre-defined lamps and materials with all their optical properties. Generate optical geometry based on your design requirements with our Parametric Optical Design Tools. View industry standard and customized output. Do all of this directly inside of Solidworks or Rhino



photopia | for Rhino is a significant CAD upgrade from Photopia standalone, giving users a world class CAD system for optical design. Users of Inventor, Creo Parametric, SolidEdge, Catia or NX, can now easily import and export solid models for optical analysis and design in photopia | for Rhino. Switching to Rhino will be a major upgrade for your CAD modeling. Rhino will allow you to import solid files from Inventor, Creo Parametric and SolidEdge, and allow you to export solid Photopia geometry to you main CAD system.

With photopia | for SOLIDWORKS, you can perform raytrace simulations directly on your assembly models. From adding lamps and assigning materials, to setting and viewing output, everything is done inside of SOLIDWORKS®. You maintain all the ease of working in SOLIDWORKS®, with no need to learn another CAD program. This is complete single window optical-mechanical integration. No need to link, bridge, or export files for your analysis and potentially lose fidelity. Work in your familiar CAD interface to increase productivity and get your work done faster.

Photopia includes the most comprehensive library of lamps for the architectural lighting industry. The current library includes over 1,900 source models with a large selection of LEDs, and also includes sun and sky dome models for daylighting device designs. This extensive library avoids the need for the user to create their own lamps and guess at their properties. Having accurate source models is essential to getting accurate simulations of the entire luminaire. Other programs that rely heavily on ray sets may not be as accurate as models in Photopia’s library. For more details, see Mark’s Jongewaard paper about light sources modeling.

Other software allows you to define BRDF (BSDF) data via parameters of various mathematical functions, but knowing what parameters to set is an open question and even then the scattering behavior of many materials isn’t accurately represented by a mathematical function. Although BRDF/BTDF data for standard materials is now being distributed by manufacturers, it is also very important that the optical software company is able to measure custom materials, such as formed aluminum with various levels of polish and anodizing processes. LTI Optics has provided this service since the late 1980’s, longer than any other company, and has more experience in characterizing the important optical properties of materials. Having measured BRDF/BTDF data for the actual materials used in your products is critical to being able to produce accurate simulation results.

Most Parametric Modeling relies on primitive geometry like lines or arcs or splines… but none of these directly relate to how you want to aim light. Our Parametric Optical Design Tools (PODT) give you a direct way to create and manipulate geometry based on how you want your final distribution to look. PODT can be used on anything from simple revolved reflectors to complicated lofted lenses made of multiple control profiles. PODT is all about getting you to a final design quicker. We use these tools everyday on our projects and they significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to optimize a design.

photopia | reports is software for viewing and exporting data from photometric files, including IES and LDT files. The software allows full customization of the plots, tables and reports to match your branding. Everything can be saved as high resolution images or vector graphics for use in your marketing material.

Don’t spend hours tracing over polar plots in InDesign or copying data tables into Excel. photopia | reports will output marketing ready material, perfectly formatted for your spec sheets or website..

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