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3D  Tolerance Simulation

OEM’s and Suppliers across the globe use 3DCS to improve their product quality while reducing manufacturing costs. As a part of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) as well as Model Based Definition (MBD), 3DCS is a powerful tool for simulating both assembly processes and part tolerances together to validate design specifications, improve design through iterative changes and root cause build issues.


Quality Data Management / SPC

Organizing, analyzing and reporting measurement and quality data can take a lot of time; time you don’t have. What if you had real-time analytics at your fingertips thatvautomatically and continuously monitors the quality of your manufacturing processes flagging potential problems before they become problems.

The QDM WEB system provides a highly effective proactive approach to managing, reporting and analyzing quality data, triggering corrective actions to be taken sooner rather than later saving your company valuable time and money!



Optical Design / Photometric Simulation

The market pressure is constantly increasing and you cannot afford to send your new design to production before it has been validated. On the other hand, building many physical prototypes is a very long and costly process.

That is why you need Photopia which is a fast and accurate optical design program that produces comprehensive performance evaluations for non-imaging optical systems. Photopia allows you to produce virtual designs in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes.


3D Modeling for everyone

Many engineers or designers don’t have the time to learn how to use complex 3D CAD systems. Thanks to its unique 3D Modeling method, SpaceClaim allows you to create parts and assemblies n 3D in an intuitive manner, to modify existing geometry imported from another CAD system with just a few mouse clicks even if you don’t know how it has been created. You can put this system into everybody’s hands, and all your team will be able to create new concepts, express new ideas, all directly in 3D, ready for a live presentation or for 3D printing. All of that with almost no training.



We are convinced  that selling high quality software is not enough. Maximizing your ROI requires that you get support and services delivered by people who are not only expert software users, but who also know your industry and understand your particular challenges .


Available for all of our products, the maintenance service ensures that you always use the latest versions of the software, and that you can rely on HITEX and developers’ expertise to solve the potential problems you may encounter when using it. This service is based on an annual contract and includes

    • assistance for bug detection and for finding work-arounds
    • access to product updates and upgrades as issued by software developpers
    • assistance for utilizing the software (e-mail, web meeting, or telephone)


We provide   On-Site customized training sessions  that will allow you to ramp-up and get efficient with the product you have just purchased or to  fine-tune your expertise on a particular topic. Although all software we sell is very easy to use and can be used without any training, customers who did take training, recognize this was indeed a good way to benefit from all the power of the software and was overall a good investment.


  • On-Site Technical Assistance:  should you require specific assistance for using our software on your most challenging projects, our experts will surely be able to help you.
  • Tolerance Analysis Projects: With timelines shrinking, it can become impossible to meet deadlines. This is why HITEX offers support for your projects, so that your team can focus on their projects while we provide tolerance analysis results and ready-to-use models. 



Whether they are small companies or large groups, we are proud to contribute to the success  of our customers by supplying them with best-in-class software which allows them to stay ahead of the competition by delivering better quality products at a better cost.

 Who are we ?



Experts in Mechanical and Optical 3D simulation software , HITEX is the official distributor for market leading discipline specific software delivering the best price / performance ratio.

HITEX brings you its experience and technical expertise to make the best use of the software. Our high quality personalized support will guarantee a quick return on investment.

In order for you to check that the software matches your needs, we will be pleased to make tests on your own data, to provide a trial license for some time (specific conditions may apply), or to arrange for a demonstration. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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