HITEX is the official distributor of market leading  3D simulation software selected for their high value and able to provide a quick ROI to the companies using them.


3D Dimensional Variation Analysis 


Quality Data Management and reporting


Optical Design, Photometric Simulation,  Stand-alone or intégrated to SolidWorks


3D direct modeling for everybody, CAD model editing, 3D Printing, Reverse Engeneering.


  • Detect build issues before their cost becomes too high.
  • Relax ranges of tolerances that contribute the less to the assembly quality in order to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Reduce assembly scrap rate.
  • Maximize overall dimensional quality


  • Automatic data collection
  • Graphical report generation in minutes
  • Access through a simple web browser (PC, Phone, Tablet)
  • Dashboards with the main statistics
  • Satellite stations on the shopfloor
  • Data entry portal for the operators
  • Alerts via SMS, email, …
  • Advanced plant data analysis


  • Reliable simulations close to reality
  • Strong integration in SolidWorks
  • Easy to use even for non experts
  • Lamp and materials models based on physical measurements for a high accuracy
  • Very reactive development team


  • Direct modeling concept giving access to 3D even to non CAD experts
  • CAD model editing made easy, whatever the native system.
  • CAD model cleaning and simplification in a few clicks
  • Unique facetted data (STL) processing
  • Advanced Surface reconstruction algorithms both semi and fully automatic.

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